Legal Disclaimer

Last updated: December 3, 2018

Purchasing any products or services connected to metaphysical and or alternative therapies, you are consenting to the consideration of alternative therapies for improving quality of through fundamental shifts of habits and behaviours.

Buyers must use their own discretion of whom (vendors, sellers, speakers they have associated) the buyer chooses to attain products and services from, as all products and services are provided through independent contractors, their product and or services are disassociated from Illumination Station.

Illumination Station will have an announcement placed on the website, to encourage buyers and listeners to understand the policies, credentials, skills and talents of whom they choose product and or services from.

Vendors and Sellers and Speakers are associated to Illumination Station as independent contractors, and are not employees or affiliates of Illumination Station.

Vendors and Sellers are completely responsible for their own operations, and any liability that could or may occur must be dealt with the Vendor and Sellers directly.

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