You’re just too good to be true

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Seeking a male lover, companion, teacher, friend and a partner to become a husband and fatherly role. Someone who wants to know me better than anyone else, from my insides, out. Someone who cherishes the same things I do, like walking hand in hand outdoors, sitting close together with our knees touching while we sit and share a meal, looking into each other’s eyes while we eat, and engage in conversation about the day, maybe listen to some music, while watching me dance and sway, laugh together and be playful. Someone who is inspired to fulfill each other’s hopes, dreams, desires, and make plans for the future. Someone who is a lover of family life, who likes tradition or maybe would consider to start new traditions. Someone who is generous, loyal, and who likes to take chances. Someone who will allow me to express myself, in more creative ways, than one. Someone who is good natured, big hearted, a jovial soul and who is romantic as hell. Someone who is diplomatic, clever, witty and proud, who also desires to create more prosperity, wealth and abundance. Seeking someone, and should this be you, reply to my ad, as you’re just too good to be true. 

Written by Randalynn
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