We had decided to sell our family business of eighteen years, a retail liquor store, and I was undecided what the heck I was going to do. I had a few ideas in my mind, but nothing quite determined. I was feeling at a complete crossroads in my life, lost, no direction and just uncertain about much in my life. Monies was tight one weekend, and I decided to take my daughter to our town’s flea market, the very same flea market, I explored when I was young. It was cheap entertainment, from food to finding treasures or what ever you were looking for, you could probably find it at the flea market. I hadn’t been there in years, like a almost a decade. On this day my mind was determined to figure out what it was I was going to do for my next career choice, I only had so much money that I could invest into something, but what and where. I was walking around the flea market, thinking this place would be a great place to sell items, if I wanted to have another retail store, which was my idea, I had already scoped other retail spots, and wasn’t feeling it. So on a whim I thought I would enquire at the market about renting space there to sell items. As it turned out, they were just beginning a renovation project, to become more of a farmers market, and were looking for new vendors, to create a fresh look for their market. It could not have been more divinely orchestrated than that, I mean, this was just perfect, and the location was more than ideal, it was a fun, family atmosphere and close to home, this was it. What is funny about this story, is that when I was literally at a crossroads in my life, I discovered my new beginning at a place called, The Crossroads Market, literally located on a famous crossroads section in our town, hence the name, I found direction in my life at the Crossroads, isn’t that funny? I was there for three years, I truly had a lot of fun when I was there. It was one of my most favourite life experiences. I even found the album Crossroads, by Eric Clapton, love that song Crossroads, in their flea market, and hung it in a album photo frame on my wall, I still have it.

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One of the biggest discoveries I made, was coming to the knowing that I have something to offer.

I have become who I always was.



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